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Denver Computer Repair How to Videos

What is defragging? Do I need to perform this on my computer?

During the course of using your computer or laptop you add and remove files, which causes your hard disc to store bits of information throughout the drive in an disorganized fashion. This can cause many issues such as slower boot up times, clicking on applications they take a little longer to load.

By Defragging your computer you are essentially organizing the information on the hard disc so that your computer doen’t have to work as hard finding the application or files requested.

Here’s a quick video to show you how to perform the defrag process in Windows 7.


How do I add a new user account in Windows?

This video demonstrates how to add a new user account in Windows 7. You may want to perform this task if your sharing your computer, or maybe you use your computer for both work and personal.


How do I remove or add a new password in Windows 7?


If you have questions or need help performing this task, give us a call: 303-293-8100