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LikeNewPcs is a Computer Repair and Reseller of New and Refurbished computers in Denver Colorado

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FREE Apple PC Laptop | Desktop Blow out.

LikeNewPcs is offering a FREE Laptop | Desktop air blow out of your machine. Blowing out the dust in your Laptop or PC is a critical maintenance procedure that often gets left out. We will provide a FREE air blowout of your computer fans, power supplies, & motherboard. No appointment necessary, just swing by our retail location in Arvada to have one of our Techs perform the procedure. We service all laptops and desktops. All Apple Macbooks, Macbook Airs, Imacs, Dell Laptops, Toshiba laptops, lenovo laptops, etc. All Major brands of laptops and desktops repaired. Call now: 303-293-8100


Computer Slow? 5 Things you Can Do

Is your Computer Running Slow?

5 Things you can do to speed up your slow computer

5 Things you can do to speed up your computer How frustrating is it to turn on your computer, and have to wait minutes, for your computer to boot up? You are probably considering you should run out and buy a new computer, but there's an alternative to spending hundreds of dollars to buy a new one.

SSD Optimization:

One of the biggest speed enhancements you can do is replacing your old mechanical hard drive with a new SSD hard drive. The traditional mechanical drives use magnets, and a disc called a plotter, while the newer hard drives called SSD which stands for Solid State Drives, are more like an over-sized USB memory stick which have no moving parts. Its said that the...

Apple 1 Computer Sells for over $800,000

The first know Apple computer known as the Apple I computer fetches over $800,000 at Charity Auction. Apple's first computer built in 1976 was known as the most Hi-Tech computer of its time. The computer was sold with no case, just the motherboard, and the size made it much smaller than other competing computers at the time. Most computers at this time used different motherboards for each component, but Steve Wozniak decided to integrate them into a single board. The computer has a cassette interface board, and 4 KB of memory, with an expansion slot for another 4 KB. It is believed that no more than 70 of these Apple 1 computers are in existence today. The Apple 1 computer originally sold for a price of $666.66, and about 175 of the 200 Apple computers were...

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