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Cryptowall Verision 4.0, How to Stay Protected!

CryptoWall Verison 4.0 release! Be on the lookout

CryptoWall 4.0 – The revised verision of the older Cryptowall Ransomware is back in action. It has already infected thousands of business and residental computers.

The file most commonly gets loaded from an e-mail attachment labeld 2015 invoice. Once it downloads on to your computer it encrypts every file including Excel, word docs, pictures, and even Quickbooks. Currently the only solution to get your files back, are to pay the ransomeware of one and half bitcoins, equal to $700.00 dollars.

Your best defense against Cryptowall is to remove any suspicious emails, and ensure you have regular backups of your files.

** If your using an external hard drive, make sure you unplug it once the backup is complete, as this ransomeware has the ability to encrypt this as well.

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