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How Often Should your Computer be serviced?

Are you looking for professional PC and laptop maintenance services to optimize the performance of your devices? LikeNewPcs is here to help! Our expert technicians specialize in comprehensive hardware and software cleaning, updates, and optimizations, all aimed at extending the lifespan of your computer and enhancing your overall computing experience.

Why is regular maintenance important for your PC and laptop? Over time, you may notice a decline in performance and slower speeds compared to when your device was brand new. This is where regular maintenance steps in. By scheduling routine cleanings, performing necessary hard drive updates, and implementing effective virus prevention measures, you can significantly improve your computer’s efficiency, ensure its longevity, and safeguard your valuable data.

At LikeNewPcs, we understand the significance of regular computer servicing. Our services include thorough PC and laptop health checks, designed to optimize the performance of your devices. Here’s what you can expect from our maintenance package:

Do Computers Need Servicing? Absolutely! Just like you prioritize regular servicing for your car to maintain its smooth operation and extend its lifespan, your computer requires the same attention. Routine maintenance is crucial for your computer’s long-term health, helping you avoid expensive repairs or the need for a replacement.

When Should Computers Be Serviced? Determining the ideal frequency for computer servicing depends on various factors, such as usage patterns and the age of your device. For instance, if you use your laptop sporadically and keep it protected in a case, servicing every few years may be sufficient. However, if you rely on a desktop computer for business purposes and use it up to eight hours a day, we recommend biannual servicing. If your computer operates in a dusty environment or around pets, more frequent servicing, approximately every three months, might be necessary.

Signs Your Computer Needs Servicing Keep an eye out for certain signs that indicate your computer is due for maintenance. If you notice a decline in performance, slower speeds, a constantly draining laptop battery, unresponsive keyboard commands, or an overall decrease in efficiency, these are clear indications that your computer needs servicing.

What Happens During Maintenance and Servicing? When you choose LikeNewPcs for maintenance and servicing, you can expect a comprehensive fixed-price computer service that covers both hardware and software. Here’s what our computer health check includes:

Cleaning the Hardware:

  • Keyboard: We remove dust using compressed air and clean it with alcohol wipes, ensuring smooth functionality.
  • Mouse: Dust, dirt, crumbs, and pet hair can accumulate in your mouse, impacting its performance. We disassemble it, clean the components, and restore it to optimal condition.
  • Touchscreen: We clean the touchscreen to eliminate smudges and dirt, resulting in improved visibility and responsiveness.
  • Deep Cleaning: Dust buildup within your computer can lead to overheating and component failures. Our experts perform a thorough cleaning of internal components, including the hard drive, graphics card, motherboard, and CPU, ensuring optimal performance.

Maintaining the Software:

  • Defragmenting: We organize your hard drive’s data through defragmentation, improving access speed and overall system performance. Please note that if your computer has a Solid State Drive (SSD), defragmentation is unnecessary, as SSDs store data differently.
  • Startup Configuration: We optimize your computer’s startup by disabling unnecessary applications, reducing boot time and improving efficiency.
  • Disk Cleanup: We remove temporary files, large attachments, and unnecessary “junk” that may be slowing down your computer, freeing up valuable space and enhancing its efficiency.
  • Updates: We install major updates, including critical security patches and software upgrades, ensuring your system remains secure and up to date.
  • Anti-virus Software: We update and run anti-virus software to protect your computer against malware and potential threats.

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