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Macbook Air 2016

The new Macbook Air 2016 to be released in June of 2016?

Rumors are circulating that Apple intends to release its new version of the Macbook Air sometime in June of 2016. The hardware speculation for the new Macbook Air include a the new line of CPU’s from Intel called the Skylake processor which can provide a longer battery life, better graphics, and ram.

The Macbook Air will also possibly come in three sizes a new 12-inch display, along with the usual 13-inch, and the 15-inch displays. The look of the Macbook Air is thought to carry the same traits as the early models, with the retina display.

Force Touch technology which Apple introduced into the Apple Watch, is also another upgrade you might see with the new Macbook Air. Force Touch technology allows the user to bring up certain applications or gestures when apply force to the screen. The technology uses tiny electrodes around the display to sense a light tap or a more aggressive press. Force Touch is also speculated to be incorporated into the new Iphone upgrade series.

As far as the hardware upgrades it will incorporate a memory upgrade with the options of either 8gb or 16gb DDR3, and the new Intel HD 5300 graphics chip.

There has been speculation in the past that the Macbook Air would be phased out with the introduction of the Ipad Air, but with the new Macbook Air for 2016, this may not be in Apple’s near future for phasing out the Macbook Air.

Customers can hope to see the newest Macbook Air for sale in June of 2016 time frame at an Apple store or authorized apple retailer.

If you have any issues with an older Macbook, Imac, Macbook Air in the Denver area, give us a call.
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