Saved a lot of money and time at Like New PCs and computer works better than it did brand new. Brandon the manager doubled the memory, cleared up a computer virus, and computer runs 100 times faster than it ever has (no exaggeration). I brought the computer in 15 minutes before closing on Wednesday and had it back by Friday. ┬áPlus I used the $50 off coupon they offer on Yelp. Additionally, the manager checked the specs on my current cell phone, and informed me that it’s 4G compatible with a simple $10 fix, and that I don’t need to buy a new cell phone like Cricket has been telling me for months. They’re also authorized MetroPCS dealers and I’ve decided I’m switching to MetroPCS after finding out I could continue to use my current cell phone, keep my phone number, and have faster service for the same price I’m paying with Cricket.

They also have a selection of very reasonably priced used desktop and laptop computers (including a beautiful Apple computer). After the excellent customer service I received, both in person and on the phone, and seeing their quality of workmanship, I will buy a computer here before I buy one anywhere else.

Lori of Denver