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Computer Slow? 5 Things you Can Do

Is your Computer Running Slow?

5 Things you can do to speed up your slow computer

5 Things you can do to speed up your computer

How frustrating is it to turn on your computer, and have to wait minutes, for your computer to boot up? You are probably considering you should run out and buy a new computer, but there’s an alternative to spending hundreds of dollars to buy a new one.

SSD Optimization:

One of the biggest speed enhancements you can do is replacing your old mechanical hard drive with a new SSD hard drive. The traditional mechanical drives use magnets, and a disc called a plotter, while the newer hard drives called SSD which stands for Solid State Drives, are more like an over-sized USB memory stick which have no moving parts.

Its said that the SSD drives provide up to 10x the performance speed of a traditional drive. The normal boot up time of a traditional Hard Drive Tests have been done to show the boot up times of a computer with a HDD, and that of an SSD drive. SSD drives came in with a 20-30 second boot up time, while the traditional HDD drives came in with a 60-90 second boot up time.

The SSD drives do cost more, but are becoming the norm in the industry. Do yourself a favor and do the SSD optimization on your computer.

Upgrade Your Computer Memory:

Your Computer should have at least 8GB of Memory. Most consumer grade laptops and desktops will come with 4GB of memory, which will work with Windows 10, but you might notice a performance dip in your computer. 8GB of Memory is really the ideal place to be. These requirements change if your doing any type of video editing, or gaming, which you should be at 16GB of Memory, in order to keep up with the heavy load.

If you have multiple tabs open on your browser, and search a lot of YouTube videos, increase your memory to 8GB.

Disable Programs you no longer use on Startup:

Programs that are on your computer that you no longer use, will continue to run in the background, and use unneeded resources which will slow up your computer. If your running Windows 10, go into the Task Manager, which you can access by Right Clicking on the bottom logo and selecting Task Manager. This will show you a list of programs running on your computer, if you see any programs that you no longer use, go over to the Startup tab, and right click and disable them, so they will no longer run when your computer starts up.

Run Regular Virus and Malware Scans:

Now a days when you download a FREE program from the internet, they may attach some advertising software that will run in the background and provide pop ups for advertising. This will have a dramatic affect on your computer performance. We recommend, Malwarebytes for Malware, and Eset for virus scans. Eset has a yearly subscription fee, and is well worth the cost.

Keep the dust out:

Yes after months of use, your computer will suck in dust, and cause a lot of problems. Your fans could get clogged, causing your CPU, and Graphics Card to work harder causing a performance decrease. You can purchase a can of compressed air and blow it into the vents, and the fans.

Give us a call if you need help with any of these items, or have questions! 303-293-8100

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